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Where to Buy the Best Harry Potter Toys?

You may have observed your kid is interested in Harry Potter, acting like a wizard, or being mentally around the Harry Potter world. If yes, then it is a sign for you to buy some interesting Harry Potter toys for kids and let them enjoy their fantasy wizarding world with real-life gadgets and toys.

You can easily buy Harry potter toys in the UK from UK based toy stores. A Harry Potter-obsessed kid will adore having a Harry Potter toy near them. These toys will add up to their little world full of magic! If you’re looking for the perfect place to buy these toys, you’re at the right place. This article will help you find the best Harry Potter Toys. Have a look at the best ones listed below!

Top 5 Toys for Harry Potter Enthusiasts  

These are the five best toys for harry potter enthusiasts; they will love having these exciting toys with them. Let’s dive into it!

Harry Potter Plush 

Harry Potter plush is the best harry potter for kids. Kids will love this Harry Potter plush doll and always keep it with them. Plush dolls are the most loved toys among kids; they have a special place in their hearts.

After seeing their favourite character Harry Potter in a plus doll type, they’ll be amazed and feel happier than ever! This plush toy is wearing the famous Harry Potter glasses and scarf, and also contains a special birthmark. It is the softest and the most relaxing soft toy. Moreover, it is 11 inches, big enough for your little Harry Potter enthusiast.

Mashems Harry Potter – Sphere Capsule 

Kids always want to have toys that have their favourite characters published on them. The Mashems Harry Potter – Sphere Capsule is a spherical ball with all the characters of the wizard Harry Potter printed on it. It is like a mystery spherical ball that will surprise your little kid with a hidden doll inside. 

Its your luck which one do you find! Collect all of them using this aesthetic Mashems Harry Potter – Sphere Capsule. The dolls inside are small in size but are squishy dolls. So they could be easy to take anywhere and will be your kid’s favourite.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit 

Harry Potter will know how exciting and exhilarating this Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit is! It is one of the most wonderful Harry Potter toys UK. Basically, this is not a toy but an interesting game you can play to pass your free time. It is inspired by the Harry Potter series. 

It has a holder where you’ll place cards that have some questions on it and a dice so you will roll it to answer the asked question. Each player will have six cards to play around with, and all questions are related to Harry Potter trivia. 

Harry Potter Rubeus Hagrid Doll 

If you are looking for the best Harry Potter Toys for kids, then this will be a great one. The Harry Potter Rubeus Hagrid Doll is a 12-inch doll that looks just like the real hagrid. This Hagrid doll will take your kid on a long Hogwarts journey. 

The dress of this collectable Hagrid doll is just up to the mark, wearing a belted shirt, pants and boots, just like the typical Hagrid look. It has moveable joints, so you can move it according to your mood and place it anywhere. Also, it has long curly hair and big eyes.  

Puzzle Harry Potter Magical Creatures 500pc

Kids who love Harry Potter will absolutely adore this Puzzle Harry Potter Magical Creatures. This puzzle is based on magical creatures with around five hundred pieces so your intelligent kid will join up and make a huge picture inspired by Harry Potter. Your kid can play with his friends and siblings or have fun with his parents. This puzzle will result in a very thrilling game for the kid. So get your kids this and keep them busy.

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