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Rectangle app is a handy tool for Mac users

Introduction to rectangle mac os app

The Rectangle app is a handy tool for Mac users, offering various window sizes and keyboard shortcuts for quick window snapping and moving. The app can be installed by simply double-clicking the DMG file, which can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. Rectangle is equipped with features such as customizable shortcut keys, snap area details, and syncing with iCloud.

The app features an icon-based interface, making it easy to use with commands marked and a preview of where the window will go. To uninstall the app, the user can open Spotlight and type “Terminal” and select “Eject.” Alternatively, the user can also find the Rectangle icon in the menu bar, select it, and choose “Uninstall.”

Rectangle uses window snapping to resize windows to fit the screen and features 14 options for window size adjustment. The app can be used to manage multiple windows and organize the desktop. It supports mouse pad gestures and is open-source, making it a perfect window manager for first-time users.

However, uninstalling Rectangle from the Mac can be challenging as it leaves behind many files, including caches, preferences, and support files. To avoid these issues, it’s recommended to use a professional uninstaller. Spectacle is another alternative to Rectangle that lets users move windows to the sides of the screen and customize the look of windows with one click.


In conclusion, Rectangle is a practical and efficient window manager for Mac users, offering features such as customizable shortcut keys and snap area details. While uninstalling the app can be challenging, it’s recommended to use a professional uninstaller to avoid any potential problems.

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