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Why you need Prescription Safety Glasses Program?

No doubt, vision is one of our most valuable resources. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of occupations exposing eyes to a potentially harmful environment in this modern era. Therefore, many companies provide their employees with prescription safety glasses to protect them from the risk of injury or strain related to exposure to sharp tools, intense lights, or corrosive substances. One way to protect your eyesight at work is Prescription Safety Glasses Program as they offer a powerful barrier of protection from debris, dust, sparks, heat, and manufacturing residue.

According to a report from PBA (Prevent Blindness America), it is stated that more than 700,000 people suffer eye injuries at work each year. Therefore, proper eyewear is essential while working especially when you have to work in the oil & gas or construction industries. Prescription safety glasses prevent nearly 90% of all injuries related to the eyes.

Nonetheless, think about your eyesight which is very important to see the beauty of this world, and buy one for yourself without wasting any seconds. You can also use diverse programs of EyewebSafetyin which you just have to submit a form to get different good quality prescription safety eyewear easily at your doorsteps. However, you can use the voucher code choice which is one of the distinguish features of their corporate prescription safety glasses program.

Difference between Non-Prescription and Prescription Safety Glasses

As compared to normal glasses, safety glasses must conform to a higher standard of regulations. Both the frames and the lenses must meet the higher standard of impact resistance and must meet the requirements put in place by Occupational Health and Safety center. These requirements exist because they help decrease the risk of injuries while working. The prescription safety eyewear program provides various choices for corrective lens wearers.

Regular glasses are neither a substitute for prescription safety glasses nor are normal glasses a substitute for safety glasses. They use two good differ significantly materials in the manufacturing of these prescription safety glasses. However, in some safety glasses, the same substance that is used to make jet windshields are used in manufacturing.

Why you need Prescription Safety Glasses Program?

The manufacturers tested them to withstand high-impact projectiles that conventional glass would not be able to. Therefore, a minor to no possibility that these glasses shatter on impact. While on the other hand, normal glasses are designed for daily wear purposes and made up of acetate which is not strong enough to protect your eyes in professional settings while being durable.

Purpose of Prescription Safety Glasses

You can use prescription safety glasses at both home and workplace sites as they protect your eyes from many harmful impacts and dust particles. However, you can use prescription safety glasses for various purposes and some of them are:

Best for Industrial Workers

Prescription safety glasses are specially designed to safeguard the eyes when working in construction, metalworking, or any different businesses that often puts the eyes in danger. The chemical industry safety glasses program is specially created to provide optimal safety and comfort for workers who are often dealing with eye-damaging chemicals.

These prescription safety glasses can shield their eyes from microscopic particles (extremely small particles) that can fly into their eyes like powdered chemicals, potentially dangerous liquids, and gasses found in various manufacturing departments of big industries. Many opticians in the market provide the best industrial eyes safety eyewear program for every person.

However, these safety glasses also offer protection to individuals who maintain and clean chlorinated swimming pools against the constant chlorine sting. Moreover, regular swimmers can also wear these prescription safety glasses to prevent the grating chlorine sting while swimming.

Protect Eyes from Harmful Radiation

There are almost 61% of adults in this world experiences digital eye strain due to the increased time on digital devices. We are surrounded by a lot of digital gadgets and devices like TV, mobile phone, and many more. These digital gadgets emit dangerous radiation that affects our eyes and mental health. Therefore, most scientists and opticians prefer wearing prescription safety glasses while using these digital gadgets or devices. The prescription safety glasses come with a filter that varies through various light intensities and spectrums that stop dangerous radiation from entering the eyes when using a computer or watching TV.

These prescription safety glasses are the best choice for kids who frequently use computers and smartphones at home and already need prescription glasses for their poor vision.

Protect Eyes from any Sport Injury

There is a vast variety of sports glasses like basketball, baseball, shooting, tennis, and many more that have a significant risk of harming the eyes of players. However, sports damage can also be brought on by fingernails poking the eyes. Sports like shooting, swimming, and table tennis must require these prescription safety glasses for the eye safety of the players.

Therefore safety glasses are the best choice for players or athletes who need both corrective lenses and safety gear for their prescription glasses.

Protect Eyes against Household Injuries

Prescription safety glasses are also best for house use as they offer a defense against home accidents that could seriously harm your eyes. Many food substances or chemicals may hurt your eyes while you are cooking in the kitchen. Moreover, there is a high chance that the dust and other particles will get into your eyes while cutting a tree or wood, mowing the grass, making a model, and many more. Therefore, you can wear prescription safety glasses to avoid any household injuries.

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