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Wavlink AC1200 wifi Range extender setup

The Wavlink AC1200 wireless range extender, expanding the reach of your present wireless network is simple from any location. Four antennas are arranged in a unique and patented directional configuration with the goal of increasing and boosting the reliability of your present network. With the Wavlink AC1200 Wifi Range Extender Setup, you may slowly expand your wireless network. Its practical design and extremely tiny size make deployment straightforward. Additionally, because of its sleek design, it melds in well with the decor of your home or business. You are able to connect all of your gadgets from everywhere in your house thanks to the high-performance antennas. Additionally, a wireless connection between the Wavlink AC1200 setup and your router is possible.

How do I install wavlink ac1200 wifi extender?

See the information below for a step-by-step guide on installing the Wavlink AC1200 using WPS:

  • Connect the Wavlink AC1200 to the power source.
  • Wait until the extender’s solid blue light, which indicates that it is on and powered, turns on.
  • At this time, press the WPS button on the extender.
  • Press the WPS button on the wireless router or modem next.
  • Do not unplug the AC1200 while the extender’s LED is flashing.
  • Using the wps method, the wavlink extender setup is finished.
  • You’ll see that the power, client, device, and WPS indicators on the WiFi extender all become solid green.
  • Where the current weak signals are, install the Wavlink repeater. also get reliable WiFi connectivity.

Note:- If you need any assistance regarding wavlink ac1200 wifi extender so contact our technician or visit the official website that is ap.setup.

Wps setup for wavlink ac1200 wifi extender 

The WPS button makes expanding your host network simpler.

  1. Before starting the instructions, make sure your wireless network is compatible with WPS.
  2. Within two minutes, press the WPS buttons on both your host router and the repeater.
  3. A successful WPS connection is indicated by the Signal LED turning solid blue, so keep an eye out for that.
  4. Now that everything is complete, the WI-FI repeater will automatically find the signal.
  5. Make sure you have the correct Wavlink router model number and product name by looking at the package’s box.

How can I set up the WiFi on my Wavlink AC1200 on

  1. Connect the AC1200 WIFI extender to an electrical outlet to begin the installation process.
  2. Check to see if the extender button has the repeater mode chosen.
  3. After turning on the extender’s power led light.
  4. On any wireless device, access the WIFI settings menu to connect to the Wavlink network.
  5. After connecting, use any web browser and enter in the address bar.
  6. You’ve arrived at the Wavlink AC1200 extender’s configuration screen.
  7. To connect your Wavlink WIFI AC1200 Dual-band repeater to your home wifi network or modem, follow the on-screen instructions.

Wavlink AC1200 wifi extender firmware upgrade

The security and functionality of a device are improved by new firmware, therefore a Wavlink router has to have its firmware updated in order to perform effectively. Before accessing the web interface of a Wavlink router, you must visit the Wavlink Get website and download the appropriate firmware. Check the box of the package to make sure you have the right Wavlink router model number and product name.

Follow these steps to upgrade the firmware on your Wavlink wifi extender:

  • Turn on the wifi extender from Wavlink.
  • You may use any smartphone.
  • Visit Ap.setup or and choose the firmware upgrade option.
  • Follow the steps to finish the firmware upgrading process.
  • Wait until it is completed, which will take a minute, before disconnecting the extender.

How do i reset wavlink ac1200 wifi extender?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up Your Wavlink WiFi AC1200 Extender

  1. Before resetting the Wavlink AC1200, plug it into an outlet.
  2. After turning on the extender’s power led light.
  3. Look for a paperclip or a toothpick.
  4. For a further 10 to 15 seconds, press and hold the reset button before letting go.
  5. The power led’s light has now turned amber, therefore you must wait until it fully turns green.
  6. The process of returning the addon to its factory default settings was successful.
  7. To reinstall the WiFi extender, follow the Wavlink AC1200 setup instructions.

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