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Guide to planning a perfect honeymoon

It is a normal tradition that after a wedding, the honeymoon comes next. While most people have theirs immediately after their wedding ceremony, some may choose to have it sometime later. Although not so far from the main wedding date. As a couple, you only get to do this once in a lifetime. Yeah, some couples may choose to have another one after years of being together (for example on their 25th anniversary). But, it is not the same as the main one that takes place immediately after the first wedding ceremony when both are still young. It might be better, who knows?

You will have to ask those who have done it before for their opinion. Today, if you stop random couples and ask them, how their honeymoon was, you are going to hear different responses. Most of which will probably have you awed or leave you smiling and mushy. In most scenarios, the groom prepares this event with help from his future life partner. Some even go as far as making it a surprise while using details they picked from paying attention to their significant other. As an individual, believe that you are very lucky if you find yourself or end up with a romantic partner because your honeymoon is going to be on point.

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Having a honeymoon is a very exciting/memorable thing and planning it is a big deal. Different people have different preferences, different wants, locations, and all. At the end of it all, two things can happen. It either goes well or ends up badly. Hopefully, it is the former that happens to you reading this. Either way, here are some guidelines that might help you take a step closer to that perfect honeymoon.


While everyone has a dream picture of how his or her honeymoon will be, it is important to ensure that whatever you have in mind is within your financial capacity. Allocate a budget specifically for this purpose. If you can afford to go all out and you will not feel it on your bank account later, feel free to skip this step because why not. But, if you cannot, please set a budget. You will be thankful later. Once this is settled, you are officially ready to commence your planning.


Other plans are somewhat irrelevant without a destination in mind. If you are one of those who already know where they want to go beforehand, you are very lucky. If you are not, do not panic. This is why you are here. Your preference as a couple will determine the perfect country or city to commemorate the occasion. 

  • If you love the countryside, you can consider U.S states like Texas (it has Travaasa Austin), Vermont (has twin farms), Tennessee (has blackberry farms), etc., or countries like Scotland, the UK, Canada, European countries, and others.
  • If you love nature (ocean view, mountains, plants, landscape, etc.) You might want to check out U.S states like California, Hawaii, Florida, etc. Or, countries such as Switzerland, Greece, Indonesia, etc. It does not matter where; just ensure you both pick a location that suits both your taste. You can check out other destinations here.
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It is also important to consider how you will move around when you get to your final destination. Anywhere your destination is around the world, you can rent a jeep from any jeep rental agency near you. They are very good for occasions like this and are affordable. You can find out more about how much to rent a Jeep.


Once the location is settled, you can go ahead and make reservations for other things such as accommodation, flight, transport, etc. 

  • The timeframe (specific months and dates), that the couple will spend together should be mutually agreed on by both of them.
  • After, you can book a flight. The prices of flight changes based on demand, season, destination, and other factors. So, it is advisable to book your flight in advance or when the prices are low, as this will help you save funds. If you are traveling by road instead, a 4×4 car rental or 4×4 SUV rental is a good choice of car. Cars like jeep wrangler, land rover, etc.
  • For accommodation, you can book a resort, hotel, or even rent an apartment or a house.

Season choice

Based on your destination and the kind of activities you have mapped out, you might need to put the climate into consideration. Some people may have their wedding at a different time and honeymoon at a different time probably due to the season it falls on. You both can choose to have both at a particular season if it seems favorable.


This is very important and both partners should work together in deciding what they want to do. Some couples may choose to just travel to a certain destination and do nothing but relax and spend time together. As in minimal to zero activity. Others might choose to tour places and partake in outdoor or indoor activities. For example, if the husband has a thing for history or art, they can visit museums or galleries. And if the wife loves nature or outdoor events, they can visit the parks, have picnics, see live performances on the street, hike, swim, etc. All these, they can add to their list of activities to do together. That way, no one is left out, they get to spend time together and everyone is happy.


You are in a different part of the world; you only get to do this once in a lifetime and might never get the opportunity to recreate this moment. Therefore, it will be great to have a photographer who can capture all the beautiful and memorable moments. You can look for a local photographer at your destination or online. Alternatively, if it is within your budget, you can fly a photographer with you. Your choice.

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Planning a honeymoon can be overwhelming for some people. Some agencies help with this. You can book an agent to help you out or delegate to someone to reduce the bulk load. Not all guidelines for planning a perfect honeymoon are stated here but you can check online for more guides.

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