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Amazon Branded Products in Pakistan: An Overview

In recent years, e-commerce has become a booming industry in Pakistan, with many international and local companies entering the market. One of the most well-known e-commerce giants is Amazon, which is expanding its reach globally, including in Pakistan. While Amazon has not officially launched in Pakistan yet, the company has been trying to establish a presence in the country through its third-party sellers and the Amazon Global program. This article will discuss the current state of Amazon-branded products in Pakistan, including their availability, pricing, and customer reviews.

Availability of Amazon Branded Products in Pakistan

Currently, Amazon-branded products are not officially available in Pakistan, and customers cannot directly purchase them from the Amazon website. However, Amazon has a global program called Amazon Global, which allows customers in certain countries, including Pakistan, to buy products from the Amazon website and have them shipped to their country. This program includes a wide range of products, including Amazon devices such as the Kindle, Echo Dot, and Fire TV Stick, as well as other products such as books, clothing, and electronics.

Amazon also has a marketplace platform where third-party sellers can sell their products. This marketplace is accessible to Pakistani customers, and several sellers based in Pakistan offer c The product prices, shipping costs, and delivery times may vary depending on the seller.

Pricing of Amazon Branded Products in Pakistan

The pricing of Amazon-branded products in Pakistan can vary widely depending on the product, the seller, and the shipping costs. In general, Amazon-branded products tend to be more expensive in Pakistan than on the Amazon website due to import taxes and shipping costs. For example, an Amazon Kindle e-reader that costs $79.99 on the Amazon website may cost around $150 in Pakistan, including shipping and import taxes.

Additionally, the prices offered by third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace can also be higher than those on the Amazon website. This is because these sellers have to factor in the shipping costs, import taxes, and profit margins when setting their prices. It is important to note that prices are subject to change, and one should always check the product price on the Amazon website to compare the costs of the same product available in Pakistan.

Customer Reviews of Amazon Branded Products in Pakistan

Customer reviews for Amazon-branded products in Pakistan are mixed. Some customers have reported receiving high-quality products that were as described, while others have had issues with product quality, shipping times, and customer service. It is important to note that customer reviews can be misleading, and one should always read the product description and reviews from multiple sources.

Customers have had positive experiences with Amazon devices such as the Kindle and Echo Dot, with many praising the products for their ease of use and functionality. However, there have also been complaints about the high prices of these products in Pakistan compared to the prices on the Amazon website.


In conclusion, Amazon-branded products are not officially available in Pakistan, but they can be purchased through the Amazon Global program and third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace. While these products can be expensive due to import taxes and shipping costs, they are generally high quality and well-reviewed by customers. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential issues with shipping times, product quality, and customer service when purchasing Amazon-branded products in Pakistan. As Amazon has not officially launched in Pakistan, it is expected that in the future Amazon will be found in Pakistan and will provide more

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