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Bape Hoodie USA T-Shirt

A lot of people are unsure weather or not to dress their dogs and my answer to them is it is complete personal preference at the end of the day if you want to go for it then do, if you don’t you can still get involved in dogs accessories like collars leads nice toys things for the animal to enjoy or to enrich their lives in some way. Dressing their dogs is a way for people to express themselves and tell the world about how them and their dogs are feeling, to put their unique style across or even to make some kind of a statement to other people. There are many ways to do this with the growing market many more options are becoming available such as coats, jump suits, logoed t-shirts and even shirts with quotes on them to really push a message across.

Once you’ve lived with a dog for so long you pick up on their own style how they would express themselves what they are thinking and how they feel and then you begin to understand what would look good on them. At the moment I would say that collars are the biggest selling and most varied dogs accessories on the market today the most popular would have to be the nylon and or clip on collars which normally come with a basic design but with the boom people are getting more and more adventurous some with Swarovski crystals and high end expensive leathers this is where the big designers come in, there are many big designers in dogs accessories such as “gooby”, “new York dog” and “fox and hound” but there really are so many they can’t all be listed here but these are by far the biggest they do all sorts of lines of t-shirts and hoodies which I think rock a dog in a hoodie is a must see site.

I’m sure a few people out there aren’t sure how to dress there dog I feel you should dress them according to your own character and that of the dogs of course but you defiantly need to think about what and when you put things on your dog for example if you put your dog in a coat or a heavy jumper and it is a warm day the poor little thing won’t be able to cool itself down these things need to be taken into consideration because a dog already has a coat on some obviously have longer thicker fur than others but you should really play it by the weather for what you should put your dog in after all you don’t want to damage your loved little pooch, you should always consider the weather and what effect the clothing or accessories will have on the dog.

Dressing big dogs is always going to be difficult as they are not as well catered for in the dogs accessories market the most common accessory apart from leads and collars is t-shirts for bigger dogs, but the growing trend and my personal advice is to go for a nice collar and lead set to compliment the dogs nature and personality. The reason it is harder to find dogs accessories for bigger dogs is because the industry caters for the medium sized toy dog breeds.

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Dogs accessories vary dramatically in price for example if you were looking at getting a t-shirt you’re looking at spending about £10-£20, for a jumper £15-£35, or something hand made for around £50 these are not exactly accurate they are just to give dwndl you a general idea of pricing but as with human clothes when you start going into the realms of designer goods and branded products you could be facing hundreds possibly even thousands of pounds just like human clothes you are paying for a label they might be exactly the same but something with a label on it always demands more cash it’s all about status, of course it is entirely up to you what you want to put your dog in based on budget and what you want to tell people about yourself.

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Finally I want to finish up with the next big trend to take dogs accessories and people by storm, it is the fact that bigger designers are realizing the potential behind this market and want to cash in on it for which I don’t blame them. Now days some people even goes as far as to substitute a child for a dog I recently saw this on a TV program can’t remember the name but these women doted on these dogs and they were like children to them which obviously opens up the potential to big designers to be a part of it they might bring out big lines of dogs accessories or just the essentials like leads and collars a few of the bigger shops such as Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are putting small corner sections in for pampered pooches, watch this space.

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