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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction and How Can It Be Fixed?

Whether you are just beginning to experience problems with your erectile function or have been struggling with it for some time, you should know the causes and what you can do to fix them. Here are a few of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, as well as ways to prevent it.

Physical problems

Whether you have an erection problem or not, it is important to talk to your doctor about it. This will help you diagnose your problem and make the appropriate treatment options. You may have to change medications or make lifestyle changes to resolve the problem and to achieve better erection have Cenforce.

If you have erectile dysfunction, it can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Your doctor may need to perform blood tests to determine the cause. Other possible underlying medical conditions include diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Certain medicines can also cause erection problems. Your doctor may need to change your medications or lower the dose. These medications can affect your hormones, blood circulation, and the function of your penis.

Sexual problems

Having sexual problems can be a very unpleasant experience, but you do not have to suffer alone. There are many treatments available to help you. Whether you are a male or a female, sexual dysfunction can be treat with education and counseling. You may also need to change your lifestyle. You may need to lose weight or reduce the amount of alcohol you drink.

A healthy diet can also help you improve your sexual health. You can also reduce your stress levels, which can make your erections weaker. A healthy lifestyle can also help you avoid certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure.

Thyroid hormones

Having thyroid problems can affect your ability to get an erection. Thyroid hormones help control body temperature and digestive functions. They also play an important role in the development of the brain. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you should discuss it with your doctor. Medications can be prescribe to treat your condition.

In addition to low thyroid hormone levels, there are other factors that can affect your ability to get an erection but do not worry you can solve it by taking Cenforce 120. Low testosterone levels can also affect your libido. You can also have low vaginal lubrication, which can make intercourse painful and uncomfortable.

A number of studies have found an association between thyroid disease and low libido. These studies found that men who suffer from thyroid disease are more likely to have a lower sex drive.

Tests for testosterone

During puberty, testosterone builds up a man’s muscles and makes the penis grow. It also helps the man create facial hair.

There are a number of things that can affect testosterone levels in the blood. A test is an easy and inexpensive way to check testosterone levels. It is also a fairly accurate measurement.

A blood test for testosterone can be do on an outpatient basis. During the test, a technician will draw blood from your arm. You may experience a little bit of throbbing after the needle is insert.

If your results are low, your doctor may suggest a follow-up test or physical exam. A biopsy or other tests may be perform to determine the underlying cause of your problem.

Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors

Using highly selective PDE5 inhibitors, the medical management of erectile dysfunction has changed. These drugs are now consider first-line treatment in several subgroups of patients with difficult-to-treat ED. However, no randomized studies have demonstrated improvement in endothelial function. In patients with diabetes, PDE5 inhibitors do not have a significant effect on endothelial function compared to placebo.

However, several animal studies have shown that PDE5 inhibitors may have a beneficial effect on endothelial function. Several pharmacological treatment options other than PDE5 inhibitors have show to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) is a standardize questionnaire use to measure erections, sexual desire, and overall satisfaction after a 12-week treatment period. In addition to erections, the questionnaire also assesses the level of orgasmic function and intercourse satisfaction.

Vascular surgery

Currently, penile revascularization surgery is consider an experimental procedure. Its success rate is limit. But, recent studies, it has shown promising results.

Penile revascularization surgery is most effective for isolated stenosis of the internal pudendal artery. However, more research is need.

In fact, a combination of penile revascularization surgery and antegrade sclerotherapy shows more benefits than antegrade sclerotherapy alone. In a recent study, success rates exceeded 90% in more than 170 patients. But, none of the studies described major complications.

Aetna is one health insurance company that considers penile revascularization surgery as medically necessary. It considers the reimplantation of a penile implant as medically necessary, but not medically necessary in other cases.

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