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Cerner Vs Epic EMR Software

In this article, we will compare two popular EMR software platforms: Cerner and Epic EMR. Epic is a more expensive choice, but it is gaining popularity in ambulatory care, clinical, and larger organizations. The exact pricing of Epic is not publicly disclosed, but news reports on contract deal sizes indicate that it is slightly more expensive than Cerner. Ultimately, the price depends on the type of organization and its needs.

Cerner’s AI Algorithms Detect Sepsis

Hospitals are increasingly using artificial intelligence algorithms to help them identify and manage patients with sepsis. The new software, which uses an embedded decision support engine, helps physicians diagnose and treat patients in the early stages. The system’s partners include HPE and Aruba, which provide a robust platform and clinical-grade networking. Cerner is running the software in about 440 hospitals and monitoring a million patients a day.

Researchers have shown that AI algorithms can detect sepsis more accurately than traditional methods. They also have the capability to identify genetics, which can influence the response of patients to treatments. The software has already reduced the time it takes to obtain the information needed to make a treatment decision. Although technology may improve the care of patients, it still has many challenges.

Cerner’s sepsis alert algorithm is designed to alert physicians to patients who may be experiencing sepsis. This feature provides physicians with real-time alerts, clinical decision support, and protocol reminders. The algorithm works across various settings, including hospitals and clinics. Moreover, it can detect sepsis in various special populations.

The AI algorithm tracks a patient from admission to discharge, ensuring that critical information is not missed. It uses data from EHRs and bedside monitoring devices as well as medical lab tests, such as urinalysis, to determine the likelihood of sepsis. Using this information, clinicians can customize a patient’s care to better address their risk of sepsis.

It Integrates With Epic

Cerner and Epic EMR software are similar in many ways, but there are some differences that make them better for different types of healthcare organizations. For example, Epic requires less time to complete tasks than Cerner EMR, and it works better with heavy workloads. However, both work well with spreadsheets like Excel. That means that any nurse can easily learn to use either system. Both systems offer a variety of benefits to healthcare organizations, and their prices are based on features and the number of users.

Epic emphasizes interoperability and easy integration with third-party systems. In fact, more Epic physicians have attested to Meaningful Use Stage 2 than any other EHR system. It also supports a variety of other EHR systems.

The user interface is less intuitive than Cerner, but it makes performing daily tasks easier. Epic also has built-in shortcuts that make it easier to use. But if you’re not an IT expert, you might have trouble navigating Epic’s user interface. If you don’t want to spend your time learning the software, Cerner is better for smaller clinics and hospitals. It has fewer features, but it also offers IT services and implementation management.

Epic has a long-standing reputation among large hospitals and health systems. With over 40 years in the business, the software has established itself among the top providers of healthcare software. Its robust EHR platform offers many benefits for healthcare organizations, including enhanced care coordination and patient outcomes. And it is easy to integrate with third-party solutions, allowing providers to share information with each other.

Cerner and Epic are partners with a history of successful collaboration. With Epic integrating into their systems, they can work together to make patient care better and provide better customer service. The partnership will improve communication between physicians and patients and improve the care team. It will also improve access to patient information and provide optimal self-service options for patients.

Cerner and Epic are both cloud-based software development companies. They both offer different solutions, but both share similar benefits and features. Epic is slightly more expensive than Cerner but is more popular for ambulatory care and larger healthcare organizations. Prices vary by the size of the contract. So, which is better for your organization?

Cerner’s EHR software integrates with many other systems. Its patient portal allows patients to view their health records online securely and schedule appointments. Additionally, the system also supports virtual consultations and helps physicians spend more time with their patients. Additionally, the Cerner EMR software is HIPAA compliant.

In a recent report, KLAS Research reported that more than 50% of hospitals with 500 beds use Epic and Cerner for their EHR software. Cerner and Epic are two of the largest EMRs on the market.

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