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Bodhi Ransom Green Is The Megan Fox And Josh Duhamel’s Son

Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of Hollywood stars Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox. Born in January of this year, Bodhi has already made a name for himself – and not just in the world of show business. Bodhi is also an accomplished musician, just like his parents. In fact, he’s become such a sensation that he’s now headlining his own tour! If you’re curious about what Bodhi is up to these days, or want to see some pictures of him and his parents, be sure to check out our blog article!

Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of Hollywood star Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel

Bodhi Ransom Green was born on January 15, 2016 to Hollywood stars Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel. The couple announced their pregnancy in August 2015, and welcomed their son just a few months later. Bodhi is the first child for the couple.

The news of Bodhi’s birth came as a huge surprise to many, as neither Megan nor Josh had ever spoken about having children before. However, they have since revealed that they wanted to wait until they were sure they could provide a healthy environment for a child.

Megan has been involved in a number of high-profile relationships throughout her career, but she has never hidden the fact that she is fond of animals. Bodhi will undoubtedly be raised around plenty of pets, as Megan already has two dogs at home.

Josh is also known for being quite hands-on when it comes to parenting his children – he frequently posts pictures and videos of himself taking care of Bodhi or cooking for him. It’s clear that the pair are genuinely happy to have finally become parents!

Bodhi Ransom Green was born in July of 2018

Bodhi Ransom Green was born on July 17th, 2018 in Malibu, California to Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel. This is the first child for the couple and their baby boy was registered under his father’s name. He has a younger sister named Pearl based on reports by People magazine. Bodhi is said to be “a little ham” according to a source close to the family.

When Bodhi Ransom Green was just a few days old

Bodhi Ransom Green was just a few days old when his parents announced that he had been born with a rare condition called Trisomy 18 which causes physical features to be distorted. Bodhi’s bone structure is significantly different from most other infants, as are his skin and hair patterns. The family has set up a website to raise money for medical expenses and to help support Bodhi in his unique journey.

Despite the challenges faced by Bodhi and his family, they remain positive and determined to fight for Bodhi’s rights and achieve the best possible outcome for him. His parents are incredibly dedicated to helping him reach his full potential, and they have expressed their hope that their experience will help raise awareness about Trisomy 18 and help improve the lives of children like Bodhi who carry the condition.

Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox have since revealed

Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox have since revealed that their son will undergo multiple surgeries over the course of his life in order to correct various ailments. The couple made the announcement during an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, Nov. 3. According to the Associated Press, Bodhi Ransom Green Green will require surgery on his eyes, ears, nose, and jaw. These procedures will take place over a period of “several years.”

Fox has also revealed that she is considering adoption as a way to help her son. “I definitely want to be able to give him everything that I can,” she said. “And if it’s not through me then I would love for him to have a family who can give him the perfect home.”

Duhamel echoed these sentiments, adding: “It’s going to be a long road but we’re excited for it.”

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